Natural Energy


An indulgent pleasure that awakens your senses and calms your mind. Each cup of NOVV SMART COFFEE will bring a moment of balance to your day, because at NOVV we know that  

coffee not only wakes you up and warms your hearts, but it also has amazing health benefits that range from improving your memory to reducing the risk of cancer, and even making you physically feel happier. Not convinced? Check here for more on known health benefits related to coffee.

Natural Health


Why add only good variants to the taste, when you can also add features? Each of our NOVV SMART COFFEES is infused with Panax Ginseng, known for its multiple health benefits: antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; memory; behavior and mood; immune system and much, much more.

In other words, we optimize what we already consider to be a healthy drink by enhancing it further with a superfood that makes it even smarter.

Check here for more info on known health benefits of Ginseng.

Natural Flavors


Why add only good variants and functionality, when you can also add flavors?

Only the finest natural flavors are added to NOVV's SMART COFFEE Flavored Edition and each flavor is customized to NOVV specifications for a perfect balance between the origin, profile and specific flavor of each coffee.


1 November 2019

NOVV introduces the new Intense Black espresso with 40mg ginseng

Event Details

1 November 2019

NOVV introduces the new Intense Black espresso with 40mg ginseng

NOVV is proud to announce the first of our fully functional products, a strong black espresso coffee infused with 40mg of natural ginseng extract, or the equivalent of 8mg of gincenosides. The product is now available online at